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Resin recorders,

now with LM-77 Anti-condensation

Alto 415 Resine d'après Stanesby

After a long development process, I am pleased to offer these resin recorders of exceptional quality as an alternative to industrially-produced plastic recorders.

These hand-finished instruments after Thomas Stanesby, available at the pitches 442 Hz and 415 Hz, have all the features of professional recorders created: curved labium and windway, undercut toneholes, cedar block, variable-taper bore, tapered block, etc.

The precise, clear sound of the Ebony color recorder is comparable to that of a Grenadilla one. It is nothing like the sound of an injection-moulded plastic recorder. The sound of the Ivory color recorder is slightly more mellow, and  a bit closer to that of a Maple recorder. The instrument has a clear, responsive voice in all registers, and the upper notes are easy, with a fast attack.

In addition, these recorders have all the benefits of synthetic polymers: they are durable, totally unaffected by water, are shock and drop resistant, etc. To hear two MP3 files made with a Bernolin resin recorder, click on the following links:  

  Bach -  Partita  MP3  (1.1 Mo)  (played by Vincent Bernolin)

  Telemann - Fantaisie  MP3  (1.4 Mo)  (played by Vincent Bernolin)

Bernolin resin recorders after Stanesby are available

on the Online Store page.

Alto 415 Résine d'après Stanesby

Frequently asked questions


Why are Bernolin resin recorders superior to standard plastic recorders?

This is a matter of how they are made. Plastic recorders are injection-moulded. A professional quality recorder cannot be made in this way, because it has too much undercut. For it to be moulded and removed from the mould, the geometry of the recorder must be significantly modified, and these modifications make a big difference to its sound.


Does this resin sounds like plastic?

I selected the resin carefully with its sound qualities in mind. Some recorder makers already offer plexiglas or synthetic ivory recorders, and the result is quite convincing. This shows how synthetic polymers can be a valid alternative to traditional materials.


Alto 415 en resine d'après Stanesby

Can I play my Bernolin resin recorder all day?

Yes, as long as you have the energy to play! 


Will my Bernolin resin recorder suffer from the same condensation problems as plastic ones?

No. Condensation is linked to several windway parameters: air flow, condition of the surfaces, surface tension and temperature. I have dealt with the first three parameters, you will be responsible for the fourth. You will not experience more problems with Bernolin resin recorders than you would with a boxwood or grenadilla recorder. You need only warm the head in your belt as you do with a wooden recorder. Occasionally you can apply some dilute liquid soap in the windway. This advice is intended only to standard recorders.

The new LM-77 system can provide the anti-condensation behaviour you need, in case you experiment problems in general with your recorders.


Where was my Bernolin resin recorder made?

It was made entirely in my workshop in France.


What are the ecological implications of a Bernolin resin recorder?

Ecological problems are associated with disposable and poor quality products. Making a resin recorder requires less energy and generates less waste than wooden recorders. And a resin recorder will last almost forever. This is a remarkable advantage of resin recorders.


How can you offer such a high quality instrument at such a low price? 

The resin as such is not expensive and the precision of the manufacturing process and overall stability of the instrument means that adjustments are not necessary. The goal is to offer an affordable instrument for everybody. I hope to democratise the use of good quality recorders to some extent. 


How can I order an instrument?

You can easily make a order on this page. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check (only if you have a French bank account) and bank transfer. The shipping costs are calculated automatically according to your destination. The waiting time can vary from 1 to 4 weeks..


Who is this recorder is intended for?

For teachers who need a good instrument for their lessons, and who want to protect their expensive handmade wooden recorders. Also students who need a low cost, almost indestructible instrument for extended practice. Then there are non-professional recorder players who will be pleased to have a responsive recorder they can make progress with. And also – and why not? - professional recorder players who need a totally reliable backup instrument for concerts and recordings.

This instrument is intended to replace industrial recorders, while the player is waiting to acquire a first class handmade recorder in a traditional material.


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