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The recorders

Stanesby 440 recorder made of Grenadilla  

Stanesby Alto 440 Hz

Modeled after a Stanesby 408hz found in Geneva. Though Recorder players prefer to play at 415Hz because of the special tone color and sonority produced at this pitch, this 440 Hz model is a very worthy competitor to that of the original.

Well balanced, very responsive in the upper register and powerful in the lower, this is an instrument which is most enjoyable and easy to play.

 The Recorder shown is made of Grenadilla.


Bressan alto 415 Hz

Modeled after a Recorder 405Hz made by Pierre Jaillard ( known as “Le Bressan”) which is in the collection of Frans Bruggen.

This recorder has a broad color palate in all its registers and offers great expressive possibilities. It is the width of the bore that gives it a such an interesting sonority.

It is also available at the original pitch of 405Hz, as is the recorder shown here in flamed boxwood.

  Bressan Alto 415 recorder - Flamed Boxwood


Denner Alto 415 recorder - Flamed Maple  

Denner Alto 415 Hz

Modeled after the original at the Royal College of Music in London.

More articulate than the Bressan and with a more flexible sonority, the personality of the Denner is in tune with its streamlined styling. An excellent choice for those who already have a Stanesby or a Bressan and who wish for additional variety in sound color.


Voice flute in D

Modeled after an original Bressan and modified to produce a pitch of 415Hz.

Lightweight and with a trim silhouette, this Recorder which I designed for ease of playing, has a special warmth of tone and a powerful bass.

I have also fashioned the same instrument at 440Hz. This exceptional Recorder combines the roundness of a Voice Flute with the response of an Alto Recorder.

  Voice flute 415Hz or 440 Hz - Flamed Maple


Soprano 415  recorder after Stanesby  

Baroque Soprano 415 Hz

Modeled after an Ivory Recorder by Stanesby Junior.

A Recorder with a sweet and elegant sound, very well suited to the performance of concertos by Baston Woodcock and Sammartini among others.


Handfluyt "Van Eyck"

There is no certainty about the design of the Recorder used in the Seventeenth Century. However, precise information found in Jacob Van Eyck’s treatise, tells us that this Recorder spanned two octaves and that it was agile in the upper register.

I offer a model using the old fingerings that has a wide conical bore resembling that of the transitional Recorder from the beginning of the century. It is available at 440 Hz and at 415 Hz.

  Van Eyck Soprano recorder -  Boxwood


Rafi recorders - Palissander  

The Rafi recorders

These Recorders which date to 1540 were produced at the Philharmonic Academy of Bologna. However, their tessitura and the form of the bore suggest a much later instrument which can be used for Seventeenth Century music.

My Rafi Recorders use the old (English) fingerings, are very comfortable, and easy to play in the upper register. At 440Hz, they span two octaves and can be played as solo instruments or in Consort.

The Recorders shown are made of Palissander with gold plated rings.


Ganassi Alto 440 Hz

This Recorder is available at 466, 440 or 415 Hz.

The treatise “La Fontegara” of Sylvestro Ganassi gives a table of fingerings for a Recorder spanning two and a half octaves though this tessitura is not completely used in his diminutions.
The only bore that might correspond to this one is found in Vienna.

The Ganassi Recorder is very captivating: rich in timbre, precise in its attacks, powerful and dynamic, colorful in the lower register and subtle in the upper.

  Ganassi recorder in G - Flamed Maple


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