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LM77, anticondensation for recorders




What is LM77?


This is a silicone technology based treatment which prevents condensation to degrade the recorder spelling.


How to use LM77?


The treatment procedure is to instill the product in the windway of the recorder, and let dry for about ten minutes. The alcohol vaporizes, leaving a very thin film which allows the condensation to migrate outside of the windway.


Why replace LM56?


LM77 is a less demanding process in terms of maintenance. LM56 is a treatment whose execution is technically out of reach of the user. It is not possible to renovate the treatment at home. I understand this can be seen as a large drawback. The new LM77 process can be restored very simply by instilling a few drops of liquid in the windway of the recorder, without removing the block.


What is the difference beetween LM77 and other anticondens and traditional detergents?


Traditional products are mixtures of detergent and water, simplistic formulas whose effectiveness is therefore limited. Leaching created by the water flux in the windway quickly reduces the effectiveness of treatment. LM77 is a more complex formula that forms a film of extreme delicacy that will withstand much more sustainably to leaching. As for mixtures "home" based detergents, they contain fragrances and unnecessary unpleasant products.


Is LM77  harmful or toxic?


LM77 is based on 95° alcohol, which is not hazardous, but wich should be handled with the precautions suggested by common sense: do not drink, do not instill in the eye, keep out of reach of young children ... So, it is better to respect the treatment procedure, and in particular to let the alcohol evaporate completely before using the recorder.


I have an LM56 recorder. Is the new LM77 treatment compatible?


LM77 can be used on  LM56 recorders. If you own a LM56 recorder and you do not want to return to the workshop to renovate the treatment, it is advisable in this case to use LM77.


LM77 is relatively expensive. Can I continue to use traditional detergents anticondens and alternate with LM77?


One bottle should offer at least one year of use, this according to your needs and the type of treated flute. The cost therefore amortizes over time, and should not be a burden on the long term. You can use alternately another product in case of necessity, but this is not advisable because of the lower persistence of standard formulas.


Can all recorders enjoy LM77?


Yes. Whether plastic, wood or resin, or standard LM56, all instruments can be treated with this product. However, it should be noted that the alcohol contained in LM77 can discolor some woods like rosewood, blackwood, or tinted recorders. It is therefore imperative to avoid drips on the outside of the instrument during the application.


Where can I buy it ?


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