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The LM-56 Anti-condensation
What is LM-56 ?
This is a silicone technology based treatment which prevents condensation to degrade the recorder spelling.
Is this toxic ? 
No. The components are present in very small quantity, and approved by the Federal Drug Administration, which is one of the most restrictive certification agency in the world. Additionally, the user is not in contact with the treated surface which is encapsulated shelter in the windway.
How does it work ?
The water does not stay in the windway, it is expelled by the blow.
Will LM-56 last long ?  
The average lifespan is more than one year.  Dirt, saliva, food scraps, soaps,  could degrade the effectiveness of the method. 
What are the benefits ? 
The recorder stays much more dry, the voicing setting is more stable, and the lifespan of the instrument is increased.
The instrument is playable at any time, without any need to warm especially the windway.
What are the drawbacks ?
LM-56 is extraordinarily effective as long as  the treatment is not altered. However, if degraded, even slightly, the recorder may become unplayable. It is in this case necessary to return the instrument to the workshop to renew it. It is indeed not possible to renovate the treatment at home, because the hardware and technic involved in this process are beyond the reach of the user. As all very technical  and top range devices, the LM-56 recorders need regular maintenance. In all cases, it is expected to return the instrument to the workshop at least every two years.
What specific maintenance advices are appliable to LM-56 recorders ?
You will find them clicking here.
Can all recorders be treated by LM-56?
The LM-56 has been formulated for recorders made ​​of resin. This method is not applicable  to wooden instruments. The  "standard" Bernolin resin recorders may be further processed if necessary.
Do I need the LM-56? How to decide?
The latest generation Bernolin resin recorders are already especially resistant to condensation problems. A standard flute is absolutely suitable for normal use. The LM-56 recorders are intended especially for students of professional classes who may seek their instrument several hours a day. These flutes may intereste teachers who need an instrument that supports alternate playing and stopping phases. Finally, they may be usefull to the concert performers who play sometimes in severe conditions of temperature and  humidity.
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